Beauty Products for the Skin: What They Promise

Mainining a beautiful, smooth skin into old age is something we are always looking for, as it is a sign of youthfulness and vitality. The beauty industry is constantly bringing new products to the market that are supposed to have positive effect on the external appearance of our largest sensory organ. Certain tools are available, they all have their own benefits.

Beauty Shots for Stronger Connective Tissue and More Elasticity

With increasing age, our skin loses more elasticity and volume. This process usually takes place slowly. The skin’s important collagen and elastin fibers don’t work as well as they did when we were young, and break down. In addition, the skin has more and more difficulties in storing moisture. As a result, it becomes dry and thin, and wrinkles appear. With the help of special beauty shots containing collagen and hyaluronic acid, the skin is supposed to be strengthened from the inside out.

The special drinks transport valuable substances into the bloodstream and finally into the layers of the skin. There they have different effects. Hyaluronic acid, for example, provides the skin with the necessary moisture and ensures more elasticity, while its collagen gives it strength and strengthens the connective tissue. For this reason, these powerful drinks should also be effective in the fight against cellulite. Last but not least, hair and nails should also benefit from beauty shots by giving them more shine and strength, among other things.

Bakuchiol Against Skin Aging and Wrinkles

Bakuchiol is considered the new anti-aging star. The natural plant substance is intended to act as a natural substitute for the popular wrinkle-killer retinol. Bakuchiol, a natural extract derived from the Indian babchi plant, has been used for medicinal purposes in traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda for centuries. Bakuchiol is also gaining importance in the world of cosmetics, as the plant substance could be effective for various skin conditions such as acne or wrinkles. Retinal has always been used to rid skin of wrinkles and promote stronger connective tissue. However, the highly concentrated form of vitamin A is not well tolerated by everyone. Since bakuchiol is similarly effective but does not cause skin irritation, the plant is a good way to slow down skin aging, stimulate the body’s own collagen formation and maintain the elasticity of our sensory organs. Due to the antibacterial effect, bakuchiol is ideal against inflammation and blemishes. The anti-aging effect of the plant substance has already been proven by several studies.

Face Cupping Relieves Tension and Promises Anti-Aging for the Skin

Treating the skin with special cups, also known as cups, is becoming increasingly popular in the beauty world. The innovative process offers numerous positive effects for our largest sensory organ and can even effectively combat wrinkles. Skin and muscles are treated with special cupping glasses or cupping heads, with negative pressure being applied to the skin in a targeted manner. The suction effect draws blood into the skin area under the cupping glass. This saturates the surrounding tissue with fresh blood and promotes the formation of new blood vessels.

The result is that tension is reduced and fats and toxins that have accumulated are specifically removed. Face cupping should also stimulate the flow of “Qi” (life force). Recently, cupping has also been used in the field of anti-aging to treat certain parts of the body or the face. Face Cupping can be useful against cellulite and effectively combat wrinkles. In addition, swelling can be reduced and oil production  be regulated.

Camel Seed Oil: the Miracle Weapon from the Far East

In countries like Japan, this kind of oil has been used for many years as a care product for the skin and hair, which is probably one of the reasons why women from the Far East often have such flawless skin. The precious oil comes from the red Japanese camellia, a plant belonging to the tea family, which contains important active ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants, polyphenols and oleic acids, substances which are essential for beautiful and healthy skin. It continuously moisturizes the skin so that it does not lose its elasticity and also stimulates collagen production. Collagen is important for firm skin. Unfortunately, over time, the body builds less of this substance, which is why our skin begins to age. The ingredients in camel seed oil ensure elastic skin, wrinkles are plumped up and the face appears more youthful. And: It is suitable for every skin type.

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