Can Natural Nutrients Help Protect Against Inflammation?

Can Natural Nutrients Help Protect Against Inflammation?

Why is it important to protect against inflammation? Inflammation is a positive response from your immune system as it reacts to an infection, illness or injury. The inflammatory response is actually the culmination of the antibodies, proteins and increased blood flow sent to the affected area in an attempt to protect and heal that part of the body.

Initially, inflammation is beneficial, however long-term or chronic inflammation can contribute to a number of diseases. Recent studies have shown that it’s important to protect against inflammation; several natural compounds may be essential in achieving this health goal.

How Does Inflammation Affect the Body?

Can Natural Nutrients Help Protect Against Inflammation? 2As stated above, inflammation is, in essence, a beneficial process. Ideally, once the threat has been eliminated through medical treatment and time, the levels of antibodies and proteins subsides and the inflammation is alleviated.

Unfortunately, chronic conditions such as obesity can cause the immune system to produce an inflammation response over a prolonged period of time. The state of inflammation is only intended to be a temporary response, so when it endures in these situations, it can actually damage organs and internal tissue.

While research into this area is still emerging, some studies have found evidence to suggest that prolonged inflammation can contribute to the development of cancer, asthma and other medical conditions.

Chronic inflammation can be recognized by the development of several symptoms. Those suffering from chronic inflammation are more likely to develop fevers, fatigue and rashes. They may also experience frequent chest and abdominal pains, or develop mouth sores. If your doctor has confirmed that you suffer from chronic inflammation, taking a supplement engineered to protect against inflammation may help alleviate your condition.

How to Protect Against Inflammation

There are a number of compounds found in plant-based foods that can help protect against inflammation. However, even if you do eat a healthy diet, you may not be getting enough of those nutrients on a daily basis. This is why supplementing your diet with certain powerful natural ingredients can be so important.


A prolonged calcium deficiency can lead to advanced bone loss, or osteoporosis, later in life. Additionally, poor bone health at any age can trigger an immune response that will promote chronic inflammation. By taking a supplement that includes the daily recommended serving of calcium, you’ll be keeping your bones strong. A sufficient supply of calcium will also promote better heart health.


This compound is also known as methylsulfonylmethane and is a crystalline substance that resembles salt or sugar in appearance. It’s one of the most effective ways of providing the body with the sulfur it needs. Once ingested, MSM’s anti-inflammatory properties help to discourage calcium deposits between joints and in the muscles. MSM is commonly found in eggs, olive oil, onions, garlic and other natural foods.

Grape Seed Extract

The flavonoids that are found in grape seed extract provide the body with antioxidants, while also possessing anti-inflammatory properties. This helps protect against inflammation by aiding in the production of gallic acid. In turn, grape seed extract helps prevent clusters of beta-amyloid peptides from forming, which have been linked to the formation of Alzheimer’s disease. By protecting the brain against inflammation, grape seed extract can also help boost memory recall and concentration.

Beta-1,3/1,6 Glucan

Beta glucans are found in wheat-based products, such as oats and barley. It’s also commonly found in the cell membranes of yeast, algae, lichens and fungi. One of the things these compounds do is to assist in cell signaling by boosting the cytokine response. This helps regulate immune responses, so inflammation will be better regulated. By keeping inflammation in check, the risks of certain types of cancer, such as breast and stomach cancer, may be reduced.


A compound that helps break down sugar and carbohydrates for use as energy, the enzyme pancreatin is helpful in reducing fat and maintaining a healthy body mass. It’s also essential in protecting the pancreas from inflammation. Since the pancreas is responsible for converting food into energy, an inflamed pancreas will inhibit the burning of body fat.


This proteolytic enzyme has been effectively in treating a variety of health concerns that either produce inflammation, or are a response to chronic inflammation. These conditions include arthritis, bronchitis and sinusitis. Multiple studies looking at the effectiveness of several different enzymes in helping to modulate inflammation found that serratiopeptidase was the most effective.


Can Natural Nutrients Help Protect Against Inflammation? 1A compound primarily found in pineapples, bromelain’s anti-inflammatory properties have been used to provide relief to burn victims. Administered topically, it can also relieve the redness and external inflammation associated with sunburn and rashes. When taken orally, this compound may also offer relief from internal inflammation around the nose and sinus cavities.


Derived from the papaya plant, papain is useful in soothing swelling and inflammation when taken orally or topically. In the past, it has been proven effective in alleviating the symptoms of certain physical injuries experienced by professional athletes. Some studies suggest it may be more effective than prescription anti-inflammatory medications.


This compound is primarily found in apples, although it’s also found in other fruits. It primarily helps maintain healthy circulation, which can positively effect many of the factors that can cause chronic inflammation. Healthy blood flow encourages the continued elasticity of blood vessels, while also ensuring oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the various organs more efficiently. In promoting these processes, rutosid reduces the need for an immune response and that gives the time necessary for the reduction of internal inflammation.

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